SandPiper New Home Construction

We start working with you from the moment you make the first decision about your future home from choosing a floorplan or deciding upon a lot. Sandpiper Construction has a sincere commitment to workmanship, customer satisfaction and personalized hands-on approach. We work with the best architects and interior designers in the area providing our customers innovation, integrity, exquisite design, exceptional service and quality construction. Our customer service starts early in the build process between our future homeowners and our on-site construction coordinator, developing a professional relationship with our clients, encouraging communication and understanding at all stages of the construction.

Some of our services include

01 Grading and site preparation

02 Foundation construction

03 Framing

04 Installation of windows and doors

05 Roofing

06 Insulation

07 Drywall and much more...


Sandpiper Home Construction - Naples, Fl

We will walk you through the process, from foundation and framing to insulation and drywall, and keep you involved, making communication a priority. We provide a safe, experienced, and trustworthy crew to work in your new home. Delivery of construction documents for permitting. Permit review and final approval.

Sandpiper Home Construction - Naples, Fl

At this stage your dreams will begin to take shape. You will now begin to see your dream home right before your eyes. The structural steel, lumber, floor system, and engineered roof trusses will be delivered to your home and our skilled masons and carpentry crews will begin to assemble your home. The carpentry process will begin by setting the structural steel on the foundation to support the house. Next masonry walls and tie beam will be installed. The trusses and roof deck are next. Plumbing, electrical and air conditioning is installed before drywall.

Sandpiper Home Construction - Naples, Fl

Almost everyday there will be something new going on in your home. First the interior trim consisting of your interior doors, base moldings, and cabinets will be installed. The next step will be paint, after a specialist will confirm the quality of the interior trim and drywall prior to painting the interior of your home. You will also see the remaining items on the exterior of your home take shape like the driveway, sidewalks, porch posts, garage doors, and exterior painting.

Sandpiper Home Construction - Naples, Fl

Now that your new home has passed all the required municipal inspections, received a Certificate of Occupancy and our Construction Coordinator has completed the final punch list, you will complete a very detailed walk through of your new home. During this meeting, you will not only inspect the entire home but you will also be educated on all the inter-workings of your new home.

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